Monday, 26 December 2011

Shopping is a dangerous sport

You do not want to see my shoe closet; it's really more of a garage. And Louboutin's are my vehicle of choice. This is why I lost control in Harrods today and here are just some of my purchases.

Most of my girlfriends totally get the complex thrill of acquiring something beautiful and taking it home. Rationality takes a back-seat, replaced by a primitive endorphine driven urge to conquer and own. Grrr. My favourites are the wedges; I rarely wear flats and love a comfy wedge to shlep around in.


  1. gorgeous! I really love those black ones with the super thin heel

  2. they are treacherously unstable )

  3. Gorgeous shoes, I wanted to ask if the pony wedges are comfortable and versatile in your opinion because I'm looking to get a similar pair for my wardrobe! Thanks

    1. To be honest, I wear high heels 24/7 and am a pro when it comes to them. However, the Louboutin wedges are really really uncomfortable and unstable. I would go for another wedge if I were you xxx