Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Snakes, Golden Buddhas, White Sand Beaches and lots of Sun; Malaysia

Here are some pics from my Malay adventure a year or so ago. It was my first experience of the Far East and I would 100% go back. Loved the friendliness of the locals, the tropical climate, monsoon showers followed by clear skies and luxurious hotels. Stayed in the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur, followed by the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi- possibly heaven on earth if there is one. The only downside was that the Andaman sea is impossible to swim in, so the hotel pool had to do instead. What I loved most about my holiday was exploring a completely alien culture and places that were unlike any I had ever visited; imbued with the exotic magic you find in totally foreign climes.

View of KL from the Hotel Pool

Out and about Kuala Lumpur

At Malaysia's National Mosque

Royal Salongor Factory

The Batu Caves- complete with snake charmers and medecine men

Absolutely Incredible Food in the Four Seasons Resort

Tour of the Mongroves - Complete with Eagles, deadly snakes, cheeky monkeys, bats and creeeeepy crawlies

Snaps of the Four Seasons Resort


  1. amazing photos! I'd love to visit there someday

  2. Looks AMAZING!!!!!

  3. Hi Hanushka,
    After much deliberation of choosing a holiday destination, I am off to Malaysia in July! Very excited and I'm heading to KL and Langkawi. Are there any must see places and restaurants, and generally things to do, you recommend?

    1. Hi Dani! Gosh I am jealous, would love to go back to Malaysia. Here are some of the highlights from my trip

      KL- Make sure to visit the Batu caves. About 30 minute drive by car, an amazing gloriously authentic Hindu Temple with the world's largest Buddha. The Petronas towers and the local markets are also fun tourist destinations. Since I only spent 2 days in KL I didn't get to check out any of the local hotspots. However I do remember the locals swearing by 'Madam Kwans', an affordable malay dining experience in their local mall.. of course I checked it out but it was ok, although not out of this world- may have just orded wrong though.


      A tour of the mongroves is a must. They take you around the mongrove forest by boat and show you the incredible wildlife- watch out for the cobras! Stop for lunch at a local fish farm, although it is definitely a back to basics dining experience the fish couldn't be any fresher. The bat caves filled with millions of little black beady eyed creatures and have a creepy/cool appeal.
      I would loved to have gone hiking around the jungle, but the Four Seasons where I stayed was possibly the most heavenly paradise I've ever been to, so I didn't do much else. I highly recommend their resturarant Ikan Ikan- go for the red snapper; 2 years on and I can still taste it!!!

      tell me how you enjoy it!! :) sure you will love it! xxx