Sunday, 22 January 2012

24 Hours in Frankfurt

One of my closest friends, Diana had a birthday extravaganza this weekend in her hometown of Frankfurt. 100 of her nearest and dearest flew in from around the world to celebrate her 25th birthday and I was amongst them. The Hilton Frankfurt played host to the festivities. Here are some photo highlights of my 24 hours.

I landed in the afternoon and eschewed my hairdressers appointment in favour of taking in the sights of the rainy financial district. There wasn't much to look at, but I did find a lovely little tea shop where I went crazy buying 12 different types of fragrant exotic teas. On return to my room, I poured myself a glass (of rooibos) and began the ritualistic party preparations. I bought three dresses with me (an Issa, a Doly and a Herve) and after much deliberation ended up wearing two of them.

The party was lovely. It was filled with warm toasts to the birthday girl, quite a few moments when the amount of LOVE in the room bought a tear to my eye, absolutely mad dancing, mouthwatering Russian Napolean(cake) and more beautiful women than you could shake a stick at (ahem). In fact everyone seemed to have left their inhibitions at the door and it was a case of Saturday-night-fever on the dance floor. We've all had that moment when suddenly it feels like you're on Strictly Come Dancing and out comes the foxtrot, followed by the loud (and in my case dissonant) singing to Russian party classics. Diana, I know you're reading this, so thank you for the unforgettable 24 hours and I hope you had as good a time as your guests! 


Grey Skies

High and Mighty



The Birthday girl and one of her guests

Sugar Bomb



  1. It's a shame the weather wasn't so great, it's gorgeous when it's not so grey and the sun is out! I use to live in Frankfurt and really miss the place. Looks like you had an fab evening and you looked stunning.x

  2. Love your blog. Where is the white Doly dress from, its stunning

  3. The dress is from a shop in London that did custom eveningwear. I had it made but have only worn it twice since, still love it though.

    Jess, I'm guessing Frankfurt is like Stockholm gloomy and rainy in the winter but glorious when the sun comes out

    1. gorgeous doly dress, where is this shop in London?

    2. It used to be on Bond St, but they have sadly since closed :(