Sunday, 1 January 2012

Forget Pirelli... Meet the Lovecats. Meow

This is the 2012 Calendar by Lovecat Magazine- you may notice that February is missing and that's because according to the LM Facebook stats the blog has quite a few under 16 readers and the picture crossed PG-13 nudity line- but for the curious amongst you, there's always google!

Lovecat Magazine is a new fashion model fanzine.

Taking its identity from the old school Teen Beats and Punk Rock fanzines, but with a sexy pinup approach. Published quarterly, it features some of the hottest models from every major agency. Shot by some of the top and up in coming fashion photographers. Lovecat features quirky fan interviews on each model giving the reader an inside look into some of the lives of the girls we see on countless billboards and magazines. Each new issue is a mix of models, art, music, fashion and beauty in an unconventional form, making each issue a collector’s item.

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