Thursday, 12 January 2012

Me, Roland and the Party

I just bought myself this season's Roland Mouret Ezra dress. He is the one designer who I would mortgage my house to wear. He understands how to cut clothes to fit a woman's body. His dresses hug the hips just right, taper at the perfect angles and always look immaculate.

They are comfortable enough to go from the office to a party and are the best quality for miles around, handmade right here in the UK. Barring one disastrous fiasco RM has never let me down. On said occasion whilst at a friends birthday at Cipriani my hip measurements proved too much and won the battle with the zip on the back of the dress, which burst. I raced out of there like a streaker at a football stadium, barely preserving my modesty in an all too literal interpretation of 'body conscious'

The next day the manager of the boutique was sympathetic to my plight and as well as sending the dress to be fixed gave me a 30% discount to spend instore. Of course this was total vindication considering the 3 servings of cake I had had at dinner the previous night.

Wearing the new dress to a party v soon, will of course post pics and hope that Ezra is made of sturdier mettle.


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  1. The 'all new meaning of body conscious' made me crack up! It has happened to the best of us!