Monday, 2 January 2012

“The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune” - Pope Paul VI

It is my birthday today so decided to update my blog in between lunch and dinner. Had a lovely lunch today at Zuma with my friends Carina, Andrew and Diana, who made me feel so special by planning an extravagant desert complete with candles and a rendition of Happy Birthday. I was incredibly touched as it was unexpected since we'd met for a casual lunch and there was a knot in my throat as I blew out the candles. It's the nicest thing in the world when your friends do something so simple and from the heart just to make you happy. Love you guys.

Going to dinner at Hakkasan tonight avec mes parents and my bro. Hope everyone had a great NY.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're having a wonderful day - that's so sweet what your friends did! :)

    Thanks for your comment! ADORE your blog!!

    Happy New Year!

    George |


  2. Thank you George :) having a wonderful day so far )) and the feeling is mutual ! xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday!! you look great. have fun tonight!

  4. You look so lovely on these photographs. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

    Laura x

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday! It sounds like you had a lovely day! :D I love your outfit. Your Birkin is to die for! xx

  6. Thanks for letting me know!Happy delay Birthday! You look radiant and gorgeous!

  7. Thank u for the birthday wishes- it feels like its still my birthday hehe :) xxx

  8. Happy birthday for Monday! You looked gorgeous, hope you had a fab day!