Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Private Preview of the 'Fly to Baku' Exhibition with Leyla Aliyeva and Phillips de Pury

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the private preview of the 'Fly to Baku' Exhibition in London, which showcased the talents of 21 modern Azeri artists. A range of different media where represented from fine arts to graphic design and photography.

The exhibition was organised by Leyla Aliyeva, Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Simon de Pury of Phillips de Pury. Hervé Mikaeloff was the curator for the event.

Although I do not have an artistic background, I adored the art that was being exhibited.  Leyla Aliyeva's beautifully ornate graphic illustrations reminiscent of intricate oriental tapestries infused with modern technicolor. Melik Aghamalov's skulls, pomegranates and seashells. Aida Mahmudova's captivating  installation melding physical reality with poignant flashes of the subconscious and photography evocative of flashes of remembrance.  Niyaz Najafov's touching ghoulish caricatures were impossible not to love. Tora Aghabayova's sardonic socialist realism also stole my heart.

Apart from the Art, the event was organised to the most amazing standard. It took place in London's Howick Place and the space was absolutely bursting with artists, fine art aficionados and beautiful people.

Here are some photos from the event, I did not remember the names of all the artists, but if anyone has them, please correct me.

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Beautiful Leyla Aliyeva with her work
With Nikki Jamal, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. She was so lovely and gracious when I met her.

Acrylic on Canvas by Altay Sadiqzadeh. Mesmerising colourful multidimensional abstracts

Mixed Media by Leyla Aliyeva 
Leyla Aliyeva's work

Mixed media on paper by Leyla Aliyeva - I am in love with the blue peacock drawing. It is indescribably beautiful, especially up close
Tora Aghabayova - There's something about this piece. Wow.


  1. Leyla what an utter beauty. the event looks really good, i wish i had your life.

  2. It is beautiful to see such a beautiful Azerbaijani's all together)) By the way, you shine in red dress and i like your birkin as well, good choice)

  3. She's even more beautiful in the flesh.
    I must say that if you think this blog fully represents my life, then your mistaken because during the day I'm hard at work just like everyone else. But of course I enjoy the free time as do we all:)

  4. Thank you Kevin :) it was such a lovely event - absolutely loved it!

  5. nooooom love the red dress where from


  6. Evey its by Roland Mouret.. and Six pack person, er thanks, whatever that means :)

  7. Erm there was really no need to explain the meaning of six pack; I do speak English thank you very much. Shall assume you were referring to the painting my learned friend

  8. So you mean me. Lucky for you I appreciate someone with a sense of irony :)