Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review: Baku Restaurant, London

When I first learnt that high-end Azeri restaurant 'Baku' was opening in London I was more than a little excited. Often I'll find myself hankering after a taste of home; a succulent melt-in-your-mouth morsel of Azeri bread, kutabs (herbs or lamb incased in thin pastry envelopes), the shasliks (grilled skewers of mouthwatering meat) and of course the rice dishes. 

So yesterday me, my brother and his girlfriend decided to give Baku a try. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for dinner as it was her mother's birthday but we did get a feel for the place and tried some of the divine cocktails on offer.

There are two main areas to the restaurant; the bar and the dining area. We sat at the bar upstairs which is dimly lit with soft golden lighting and candles throwing romantic shadows across the space. The menu is unconventional both in form and substance. In Baku you don't get the traditional paper menu, but can peruse the restaurant's offering on ipads given to each diner. A very cool idea and  the waiter assured me that due to the clientele not a single menu has gone walkies to date. The cocktails were very good and very strong; the most popular being the 'Lale Flower Club' and 'The Palace of the Shirvanshahs' cocktails. The music last night was great, with the DJ from Nozomi putting us all in the perfect party mood.

Although I couldn't stay for dinner last night, I am coming back in the week and will update with a review of the food, which I hear is amazing. Watch this space.

165 Sloane Street  London, Greater London SW1X 9QB
020 7235 5399


  1. it looks amazing. im told the food is fantanstic! i will visit soon also!

  2. stunning dress Hanushka:)by the way what s the name of this place??

  3. Thank you :)

    The restaurant is called Baku , its just on Sloane St