Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday Roast at the Art's Club

Sunday is my favourite day of the week (closely followed by Wednesday). According to firmly enshrined family tradition we congregate around the dining table and eat whatever yumminess my mother and I have rustled up. However, this is more than gluttonous overindulgence, although that much is true. It is rather an opportunity for the syrupy, sentimental, well stereotyped (and dare I say cheesy)family time we see on the screen and all try to emulate.

Today our family lunch took place at the Art's club and the food was the best I have eaten in months and the banoffee pie alone has justified my membership. Everything was cooked to perfection, fresh, bursting with flavour. Even the deserts were made onsite that morning. Although I've had dinner at the Art's before, I was not that impressed, lunch however is a totally different ball game. Not sure whether it's worth describing the simple yet perfect palate of flavours. I think I will let the photos do the talking or let you put it to the taste test.

Now that I've consumed enough calories to propel the Challenger space mission, I'm off to the library. For the next 6 hours I shall be burning them off doing mental legal gymnastics and drafting shareholder agreements. Toodles.

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  1. That beef looks MOUTHWATERING! I've never eaten at the arts club, will have to change that! xx

    The Londoner

  2. Woowzers, sure beats my heinz ravioli tonight! x

  3. Hope to bump into u there Rosie, the lunch is just to die for.

  4. Hahaha, some of the yummiest things in life come out of tins Amie, btw, just found your blog. loved and followed xx

  5. YUUMMM!! banoffee is my all time fave!!!! :) X

  6. Yay...for tinned peaches & custard!! I really cant wait for my kitchen back now, almost out of tins girls x

  7. That looks delicious! When I was living in Chile Sundays were family time too! It's such a nice time :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog :) loved yours!