Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crimson and Ciel

An artfully staged photo to masquerade my lobster complexion. Taken after a day of reading, sunbathing and splashing about on the beach. Now off for dinner.

We're Burning Down the Highway Skyline. On the back of a Hurricane.

I took these photos crossing the street on 9703 Collins Avenue. Before getting into the car and doing precisely what the caption above reads.

Breakfast at The St Regis, Bal Harbour.

Had an all-American breakfast this morning. The St Regis, where I'm staying is the most beautiful hotel in Miami and does not disappoint in any regard, especially with le petit dejeuner. Both food and service here are tip-top. Pedro our wonderful, hawk-eyed waiter was on coffee-watch and my cup seemed to magically replenish itself every time I turned my head.

The food was simply delicious. And not being one to pass up anything remotely yummy, I tried it all.
Ate a stack of pancakes the height of the Empire State Building.

Washed down with some freshly squeezeeed Floridian orange juice.

Followed by ample quantities of berries.

Bagels. Croissants and jam. 

Who you calling greedy?!


The New Bag on the Block

I am not a girl who loves pink. In fact, in everyday life the colour makes me want to vom; especially its more babyish/ pastel toned incarnations. Since we are on the subject of tastes; you have probably noticed that I have a bit of a handbag obsession. 

It all started with a gift from a very special person when I was 15. It was a round, studded, powdery blue, buttery soft leather satchel. In case you hadn't noticed; I express my love through adjectives. I carried it with me religiously for the next 4 years and it saw me through from teenage-dom to adulthood. I still have it safely stowed in a box and crepe paper in the back of my wardrobe. And that was how my lifelong love affair with the handbag started. As I grew older I graduated to more expensive bags and they are probably the only thing in my wardrobe I wont buy from the high street.  

However, the Cambridge Satchel is another matter. It is the antithesis of all my acquired tastes. Fluoro-pink and cheap(ish) at £115. It is handmade from beautiful calfskin that's smooth as a pebble and the craftsmanship is superb. So the moment I saw it, I bought it. It's incredibly fun and comes in a rainbow of colours to choose from. The strap makes it easy for during the day and you can even get your initials embossed on it. Side by side with my mum's Birkin, I know which one I prefer. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Captain Jimmy's Fiesta Boat

"ALL ABOARD the Fiesta Boat! Now come on folks, don't be shy. Leave all your worries at the shore, walk through the door and get ready to partaay with Captain Jimmy" ...  Yes, someone actually said that. Only in America.

On our first day in Miami, me, my ma and our friends decided to go on a tourist boat trip around the small mansion dotted inlets that fringe the Miami coast.

We boarded an old 80s banger of a boat that played forgotten disco classics from what I suspect was 'Now That's What I Call Music 1992'

A fat Floridian man (the only American I've met so far) was the Captain. "Are you Captain Jimmy?" I asked.  "No, I'm Captain Nick" he chuckled. I solemnly nodded and ventured that Captain Jimmy has more of a ring to it. And so we floated, past coral coloured retro houses, colonial style columned mansions, minimalistic boxy white affairs and every other mish-mash of architectural styles humanly conceivable. Yup, that's America for you.

Denim and Diamonds

The Raw Denim Bar, where I buy all my jeans, have teamed up with Buymywardrobe and JADA Fine Jewellery to organise a day of shopping and pampering. 

You can go along for free manicures, champagne and styling. And if that's not enough, there will also be  a chance to purchase premium denim at the sample sale and beautiful gold and diamond jewellery. So ladies, put it in your agendas if your looking for the perfect pair of jeans or a lunch-time pick me up. And remember, The Raw Denim Bar stocks American denim that's not available in the UK, including my favourite brands; 'Kaisal' and 'Rich and Skinny'

15 March. High Road House Chiswick, London.

  • Shopping & free manicures by Nailgirls London from 12-6pm
  • Complimentary champagne & styling from 6-9.30pm


Monday, 27 February 2012

Review: Carpacio, Bal Harbour. Miami

Touched down in Miami this afternoon. A couple of hours and I am already in LOVE with this city. Everything about it is like a movie, from the tall, lazy, gently-swaying palm trees to the warm sticky embrace of the balmy salty air.

Something about this place really does things to a gal's appetite. So naturally as soon as we changed into the obligatory holiday wardrobe (big floppy hats, t-shirts and digital slrs)  we headed to Carpacio, one of the best Italians in town; which happens to be across the road from our hotel.

 We ordered the calamari, lentil soup, three bean and spinach soup, lobster pasta and Veal Milanese. Now forgive me for it is my first time in the States; however my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw the colossal portions. Up flashed an image of me climbing onto my chair and shouting 'Superrrrsize me' at the top of my lungs and just to be sure I had to double check that I had not in fact done this. With my fears assuaged I proceeded to enjoy the best Lobster pasta I've ever had. The rest of the food was pretty yummy too- although the calamari were super rubbery and about as palatable as a gel iphone case. 

Unsurprisingly, I couldn't get through more than a quarter of my pasta before I felt like I'd consumed the whole of Maine's lobster population. If you go to Carpacio, heed my advice and share dishes because this place really has the more is more approach. Shame I didn't leave room for desert because it looked mighty fine.

Carpacio, 9700 Collins Ave

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dog Lessons for People

Plato had his weekly groom today at Pet Pavilion on Gloucester Road. After 4 hours of washing, massaging, scrubbing, clipping and fluffing he came out as dapper as a true gentlemen, complete with buttercup-yellow bow in his hair.

Whilst at his appointment, he met Daisy, a lady shih-tzu. And my oh my was he taken with her (just look at the lolling tongue). She however was of a steely disposition and had no interest in being the object of Plato's undying affections. Her motivations were purely material- treats. 

Poor fella was pretty despondent, so I promised him Japanese for dinner. After all, there is no heartbreak that a few Maki rolls wont solve.

Avoid biting when a growl will do
But I love you Daisy...
Try telling Daisy that
Maybe she wont notice if I sidle up beside her
Let me go goddamnit 
He is starting to get really annoying with all his wagging and panting...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Tyler Shields at Imitate Modern

Yesterday I want to the opening of Tyler Shields' new exhibition at Imitate Modern, my friend Fallon's amazing gallery. Imitate Modern, is one of those cool, hip places where I could happily while away hours, looking at the art, chatting to Fal who is naturally super-knowledgable about every single piece and then popping for change-your-life Gnocchi over at Getti, the mouthwatering Italian on Marylebone High Street.

 The exhibition featured  sultry shots of Tamara Ecclestone, photos of burning Louboutins and crisp floors of cash; a modern ode to cowboy capitalism. Some of the photos were quite tongue in cheek- both metaphorically and literally. The gallery was buzzing with exited chatter and people dressed to the nines. I definitely had a great time. Check out my previous post on Imitate modern and Fallon's blog (Bible for Fashion).

Imitate Modern, 27a Devonshire St, W1G 6PN.

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Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.

I love tea and never leave a supermarket without bagfuls of something special. In fact I'm a bit of a tea snob and prefer the ritual of making a freshly brewed pot from loose leaves. 

Recently, I read a review of the best teas on the market as voted by experts and confirmed by the Financial Times in their 'How to Spend it' supplement. Serious, no nonsense tea aficionados put hundreds of brands to the test, both bespoke and widely available. 

Against all odds, Marks & Spencer's Empress Grey came out on top. So naturally, I picked up a box on my next food shop. Pretty darn good. Light, fragrant, golden, sort of smells of orange blossom. Perfect. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sky is cloudy. Yellowed by smoke

Here are a few snaps I've taken around where I live. Even on a wet foggy day I find it beautiful. Cloudy skies yellowed by smoke, the  palpable pulse of city life, technicolour puddles and the cold feathery rain.

February Glossybox

This months glossybox arrived yesterday. I was excitedly looking forward to unwrapping it and checking out the haul. However, this month I was disappointed. I didn't particularly like any of the five products. 

It felt a bit like someone had raided the room service cart at various hotels and sent me the booty, along with a few unwanted bits and bobs from their makeup bag. The only product I thought was semi-decent was the Paul Mitchell hair serum, but that doesn't really makeup for the rest of the stuff.

What I got

  1. Gold Duwop venom lipgloss. It stung like a jellyfish. Bit of a weird colour as well.
  2. BM Beauty, some spangly purple mineral eyeshadow. I would have preferred something a bit more neutral, a bit less I've been punched in the eye.
  3. Lavender hand sanitiser. yawn.
  4. Coco-Shambala body gel. I really think these companies should have a no shower products policy, always a bit underwhelming.
  5. Paul Mitchell smoothing serum.