Sunday, 19 February 2012

Antonio Berardi just gets it

Every so often something will catch my eye and propel me into a feverish state of excitement, shallow breathing & butterflies. More often than not, it's the glutton in me responding to something particularly delicieuse and sugar-coated. But not today.

This Antonio Berardi crepe gown in electric blue has hit me with the force of Halley's Comet and I'm still seeing stars. The fit is impeccable and it's my favourite colour. We all have a shade that makes us giddy and mine is electric cobalt.

The dress has so far been worn by Jane Krakowski and Kim Kardashian. I prefer it in blue. In my opinion, you also need quite an hourglass figure to work the cut of the gown. Although I do slightly object to the eye-popping amount of cleavage on display as this dress is about the overall silhouette and doesn't need the additional pulse-raiser. But otherwise, this easily wins the prize of the years best gown.

Let's hope net-a-porter is on the case.

Kim Kardashian in Antonio Berardi dress at the Clive Davis Party.


  1. In general, I love Antonio Berardi (check out the dress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore recently). But the one in blue on Kim K doesn't look classy IMO. That being said, Kim is not known for elegance and everything she wears will look a bit tacky, but this dress just shows TOO much breast. Practically everything except her nipple is on show - she probably chose this dress as it gave her the possibility of showing it all, not because she liked the design. If I was working for Berardi (or any other high end designer), I would steer clear of showing my clothes on these reality celebs.

  2. I agree that Kim crosses the good taste line here. Below the breast all is perfect, but the whole heaving chest look cheapens what is otherwise a fantastic gown. Totally agree that reality celebs often don't do the brand any favours. For example, I would never buy anything if it has been worn by someone with notoriously bad taste like Paris Hilton.

  3. I love it! It looks way better on Kim than on the flat chest lady...I agree with u, blue looks amazing and its also on of my FAV colours.

    However, excluding anything worn by Paris would be quite a problem :) She has quite a large wardrobe, full of trendy designer pieces, which I am sure all of us wear... ‘

  4. hehe, valid point about paris hilton, and she no doubt has quite a few birkins/ chanels in there which not many women would sacrafice without a fight.

    gosh in love with this dress!!

  5. Its beautiful, sexy and amazing colour. TBH, the colour is what makes it less tacky. Very good dress! I am in love as well ;)