Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Breakfast at The St Regis, Bal Harbour.

Had an all-American breakfast this morning. The St Regis, where I'm staying is the most beautiful hotel in Miami and does not disappoint in any regard, especially with le petit dejeuner. Both food and service here are tip-top. Pedro our wonderful, hawk-eyed waiter was on coffee-watch and my cup seemed to magically replenish itself every time I turned my head.

The food was simply delicious. And not being one to pass up anything remotely yummy, I tried it all.
Ate a stack of pancakes the height of the Empire State Building.

Washed down with some freshly squeezeeed Floridian orange juice.

Followed by ample quantities of berries.

Bagels. Croissants and jam. 

Who you calling greedy?!



  1. Delish xx

    p.s. havent seen u on here for a while.

    1. Hi Mona! Thank you :) Have just rectified the problem :) xx

  2. Thank you for the recommendation. I am going to stay here when I am in Miami x Jen

  3. This looks like the BEST breakfast ever!! Ah If only I was in Miami :( lol