Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February Glossybox

This months glossybox arrived yesterday. I was excitedly looking forward to unwrapping it and checking out the haul. However, this month I was disappointed. I didn't particularly like any of the five products. 

It felt a bit like someone had raided the room service cart at various hotels and sent me the booty, along with a few unwanted bits and bobs from their makeup bag. The only product I thought was semi-decent was the Paul Mitchell hair serum, but that doesn't really makeup for the rest of the stuff.

What I got

  1. Gold Duwop venom lipgloss. It stung like a jellyfish. Bit of a weird colour as well.
  2. BM Beauty, some spangly purple mineral eyeshadow. I would have preferred something a bit more neutral, a bit less I've been punched in the eye.
  3. Lavender hand sanitiser. yawn.
  4. Coco-Shambala body gel. I really think these companies should have a no shower products policy, always a bit underwhelming.
  5. Paul Mitchell smoothing serum.


  1. Your right, not terribly inspiring. I subscribed, on a month to month basis, to Carmine in January, and last months' box was pretty good. I'm hoping Feruary's will be too. Shame you can't see what's in the boxes before you pony up the cash for them.


    1. The trick is to google the boxes and see what people have got that month, but glossybox do automatic renewal of your subscription, so I got caught out this time lol.