Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The New Bag on the Block

I am not a girl who loves pink. In fact, in everyday life the colour makes me want to vom; especially its more babyish/ pastel toned incarnations. Since we are on the subject of tastes; you have probably noticed that I have a bit of a handbag obsession. 

It all started with a gift from a very special person when I was 15. It was a round, studded, powdery blue, buttery soft leather satchel. In case you hadn't noticed; I express my love through adjectives. I carried it with me religiously for the next 4 years and it saw me through from teenage-dom to adulthood. I still have it safely stowed in a box and crepe paper in the back of my wardrobe. And that was how my lifelong love affair with the handbag started. As I grew older I graduated to more expensive bags and they are probably the only thing in my wardrobe I wont buy from the high street.  

However, the Cambridge Satchel is another matter. It is the antithesis of all my acquired tastes. Fluoro-pink and cheap(ish) at £115. It is handmade from beautiful calfskin that's smooth as a pebble and the craftsmanship is superb. So the moment I saw it, I bought it. It's incredibly fun and comes in a rainbow of colours to choose from. The strap makes it easy for during the day and you can even get your initials embossed on it. Side by side with my mum's Birkin, I know which one I prefer. 


  1. I was looking at these bad boys the other day, far too tempted. And the fluro pink is killer. Love it. x

    1. I know right! Are you gonna get one? And if so, which colour? xx

    2. Was eyeing up the fluro ones also, or the green or brown Designer ones. Too many too choose from. I'm thinking next pay day a cheeky purchase may have to be made...x

  2. Would love to own a birkin one day :(