Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Salt Beef, Berry Milkshake, Cinnamon Doughnuts and Chocolate Sauce- Drooling yet?

On Sunday afternoon I went for a catch-up to The Riding House Cafe with my good friend Tasha. Now some of my friends have helpfully criticised my blog for being too 'West London' and therefore I was relieved when Tash suggested somewhere outside my Kensington post code; a lovely British Brasserie nestled behind Topshop Oxford Circus. We would have a nice lunch, I would snap some pictures, do a little review and all would be right with the world.....

But little did I know that I would be having a 'When Harry Met Sally' moment (twice!) first over the Reubens Salt Beef sandwich and then over the cinnamon doughnuts; YES YES YES.

The food was absolutely epic and ridiculously inexpensive for somewhere this tasty ( Lunch for two came to £38 including service). The vibe was also great and the staff were super-helpful.

Tasha and I found ourselves musing that if you're going on a date this is the place to bring your gal; especially if like the majority of our gender, sugary fried batter makes her swoon- hopefully right into your big strong arms.

But if your squeeze aint a glutton, then do not fear. Take your friends, go on a Sunday, try the roast or the Reubens Salt Beef Sandwich- LEAVE ROOM FOR THE DOUGHNUTS!

43-51 Great Titchfield Street  London W1W 7PQ
020 7927 0840

Monday, 26 March 2012

Candy Floss Petals

Snapped these whilst cycling through the park this morning. I love Spring.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Look at my Flipping Red Trousers

Sun is out, ergo time to whip out the coloured denim, load up on ice lollies and hit the pavements. Yesterday was especially beautiful. Had my first Flake of the season, saw friends and schlepped around feeling happy.

Don't want to tempt fate; but today promises to be just as beautiful. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creme Caramel

Me and my friends headed for a catch up at the Arts Club Dover St. One of my favourite things is the live music that plays in the club before the DJ takes over and gets us all shaking our tail-feathers.
Yesterday, Jackson Scott and his band took to the stage. Jackson is an amazing Flamenco guitarist and the front man of Mano de Dios.

Whilst all the girls at our table were swooning; I was swaying and having some good ol' iphone in hand, foot-tapping, hip-shaking Latin fun. The band were absolutely amazing, so here's a little taster. I don't often feel this way; but I would totally go see them play again.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hey Mickey You're so Fine. You're so Fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey

It was a glorious day in London. So myself and Gabi; friend, fellow blogger (Not So Basic Blogspot) , LPC buddy and future co-worker decided to while away an hour on a bench in the Inns of court by our Law School. Starbucks in hand, gossip on tap and our grump of a photographer berating our every pose and utterance. But even so, what a boom afternoon it was.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Restaurant Test

 I first visited the Italian at Novikov with a friend when it first opened and my initial impressions were not all that favourable. The waitress at the time insisted that I try the 'Lemon Pasta'. However contrary to her repeated assurances, culinary ecstasy it was not. 

 Nevertheless, I'm a believer in second chances and today I decided to give it another whirl. So me, my mum and aunty headed there for an early dinner. First, the place had a completely different ambiance to opening night. It was warmer, more inviting; coral roses, large white candles and basil all providing a light romantic feel.

  I was also thankful that the lemon pasta was no longer on the menu. We ordered lots of dishes to share. I liked the calves liver  and the calamari fritti. The rest of the food was fine, but didn't pass the restaurant test.

The restaurant test is how I judge my food. It usually happens in the throes of boredom induced hunger. Unexpectedly my mind will furnish me with a borderline hallucinatory flash of delectable divinity. And as the steaming piece of wagyu on my desk evaporates; I'll remember our last illicit union at Zuma with a pang. Whilst I am almost certain this wont happen with  Novikov, I will rate them for improving the atmosphere and the attentive service. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

They say every girl grows up to be just like her mother.

Whatever the truth of that old adage may be, I certainly hope it proves true for me. My mother is warm, kind, funny, amazingly sharp and fearless. To say that I adore her would be an understatement!

So on this Mother's Day, on goes the apron and the little chef hat, I'm up to my elbows in flour, the pancakes are golden and drizzled with maple syrup and the muffins are gently rising in the oven. There's nothing like a bit of baking to put a smile on a mum's face. As the brains behind the outfit, I tasked little bro to make the card and organise the flowers; let's hope he passes my stringent quality control.
Hope everyone is having a lovely day. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

1,2,3,4,5, everybody in the car so come on let's ride... To the liquor store around the corner. The boys say they want some gin and juice but I really don't wanna.

This Friday my closest compadres gathered at my house for Twister, burgers & shakes, curly cheese fries (The Diner at Harrods) and Tarte Tatin (all me, with a little help from my friends). Managed to take a few photos before my battery took its dying breaths to the tune of 'Mambo Number Five', because there's nothing like some cheesy tunes to get the party started.

Made this Tarte to Milly's (Olly's Mum) amazing recipe which I lifted (here) from their spectacular blog. I don't know what I would do without their sensational tips and tricks (would definitely have fewer friends, that's for sure).