Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beyond 5 Avenue..

I recently got a comment asking if I'd seen the 'real' New York beyond 5 Avenue. Of course, the comment is totally justified because as a blogger it is my job to give you a flavour and variety from the comfort of your chair.

No doubt, to speak of the 'real' anything is not only totally subjective but also reliant on what exactly you term as 'real'. I put my hands up and say that 6 days was not nearly enough to garner my own impression of what it means to live in New York, but this was not through lack of trying. Yes, I visited the projects, drove past Brooklyn, cycled through Central Park. Then there was the Sunday walk through Harlem fantasising over the soul food; grits, hush puppies and peach cobbler, all the more delicious against the soulful backdrop of church gospel.

China town was also fun. Not the syrupy-touristy type of ethnic enclave as in London, but somehow more authentic and frank.

So in answer to the question, of course I ventured beyond central Manhattan and I loved every second, street and avenue.
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  1. Love these pictures! I'm dying to go to New York but I'm holding off until I can do it the way I've always wanted to rather than having to scrimp. Of course, when I do go, I plan on venturing much further than Manhattan.

    Laura x

    1. You're totally right. Anyone who went to NYC but didnt see everything it has to offer would be doing themselves a great disservice :)

      Let me know when you go and I will be happy to recommend everything I know xxx

  2. Gorgeous pics as ever! stunning


  3. your posts are so exciting to read! please update more often! do you think you could do NYC guide, as my mother and I are also planning a trip :) xx

    1. Thank you :) I shall do a follow up post of what to do in NYC . Glad you like it xxx