Saturday, 17 March 2012

In America: I love it when you call me Big Pop-pa

My first impressions of Miami, all taken on arrival.

I looked at the gently swaying palm trees, theatrically put on my shades and declared myself officially on holiday.

When I saw Big Daddy's liquor store, I couldn't help but think of the Biggie Smalls song in which I only know one line; 'I love it when you call me big Pop-pa'. It was one of the first things I saw  when I drove into Miami and remember thinking that that's about as American as it gets.

I then got to see the great man himself. The real Big Daddy!! This trip was beginning to get exciting and with two miles to the Hotel who knew what else could happen. 

Then there was a whirring noise up above. I looked up and was greatly disturbed by this air banner, clearly designed by a mad-man (not Don Draper).

The car then refuelled near a wig-shop. I considered getting one for Big Daddy. But decided, that since I was spending hard earned American dollars, we'd start with some pants.

Then the car started driving REAAALLLLLLLLY SLOWWWWLLLLLLY past some place called 'Hooters'. Lots of honking from the cars behind us, some angry Floridian woman leaned out of his window and 'HOLLERED' (I believe that is the term) at Manuel to get his 'ass moving' 

Poor Manuel. I don't blame him. Probably distracted by thoughts of Havana, Cohiba cigars and the dissidents. 

Oh, well. He's not the only one round here with problems. Think of Dr Guerra's patients. I hear a few are now sleeping with the fishes.

And as for me, well it must be my lucky day.....

 So I can have it all? Absolutely free?!

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