Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Restaurant Test

 I first visited the Italian at Novikov with a friend when it first opened and my initial impressions were not all that favourable. The waitress at the time insisted that I try the 'Lemon Pasta'. However contrary to her repeated assurances, culinary ecstasy it was not. 

 Nevertheless, I'm a believer in second chances and today I decided to give it another whirl. So me, my mum and aunty headed there for an early dinner. First, the place had a completely different ambiance to opening night. It was warmer, more inviting; coral roses, large white candles and basil all providing a light romantic feel.

  I was also thankful that the lemon pasta was no longer on the menu. We ordered lots of dishes to share. I liked the calves liver  and the calamari fritti. The rest of the food was fine, but didn't pass the restaurant test.

The restaurant test is how I judge my food. It usually happens in the throes of boredom induced hunger. Unexpectedly my mind will furnish me with a borderline hallucinatory flash of delectable divinity. And as the steaming piece of wagyu on my desk evaporates; I'll remember our last illicit union at Zuma with a pang. Whilst I am almost certain this wont happen with  Novikov, I will rate them for improving the atmosphere and the attentive service. 

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  1. This looks awesome, and you look gorgeous!