Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blue Jean Coffee

I love Haider Ackermann. I bought a jacket by him; the middle one in the catwalk photos, obviously it looks completely different on my frame to how it does on the model, but that's no surprise considering the difference in BMIs. Here is a snippet of a previous post I did on him, explaining why he's my man;

The weather in London obviously didn't get the Memo about it being Summer, so I am already thinking about my winter wardrobe. And having a lot of time on my hands I've been scouring shops for the perfect leather jacket. 

Rick Owens is the no-brainer option, but he is leaving me a bit cold lately mostly due to the excessive speed at which he went from niche and cool to coca-cola common (before you accuse me of snobbery, I'm talking about oversupply here rather than anything else).

So to fill the void, in steps Colombian born Haider Ackermann. His sumptuous clothes are sculptural and sophisticated. The leathers have an edgy and avant garde quality, but are also beautifully understated. 

 Karl Lagerfield recently commented that he considers Ackermann his heir apparent and believes Ackermann has what it takes to bag the most coveted gig in the fashion world, head designer and creative director at Chanel.


  1. I actually prefer the way it hugs your body to the way it hangs off the model.

    1. Thank you :). I would definitely agree that 'hugs' is the right word to use. xx

  2. Love love your jacket!

    Thx for your nice comments