Saturday, 7 April 2012

Style Rules for the Guys III

It's a shame that men's fashion is so under-represented in the blogosphere, being the fat ugly sister to anything you can pull over a pair of smooth killer pins and a rack. But the LM does not discriminate and I've therefore decided to complete the trilogy with a third post on men's style. Admittedly this was prompted by time spent in Stockholm which got me thinking about how much more stylish my local Swedish friends are compared to the ones back home (sorry boys).

If you read the first two posts, which laid the ground rules you will know that the cardinal rules are; White shirt, Hair and Fit. Whatever your style niche is, you should look well put together.

To use the old cliche that a picture's worth a thousand words, you can breathe a sigh of relief and peruse the following for style-inspo and refer back to my previous posts for a more detailed exposition.

One thing I will say is that even if don't care about clothes and dress like a children's tv presenter, do yourself a favour and smell nice. I don't care if you look like Ryan Gosling, stinking like a panda or smelling of 'eau d'you' is not really that attractive; and women love a man who smells good. For me, the holy grail of men's fragrance is 212 by Caroline Herrera; one whiff is all it takes and the transformation from dork to bonafide demi-god is complete. Don't believe me? Try it and see.

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