Friday, 25 May 2012

I can show you Paris. Shining Shimmering Splendid.

On Tuesday I awoke at the buttcrack of dawn (5.30am to be exact). I knew coffee wouldn't cure my drowsiness, so I decided to blind myself into alertness by donning the most lurid colours I could find; for I was a woman on a mission. And that mission lay in Paris. Follow me for a photographic journey of my trip and allow me show you the sights..

And our journey begins...
Swishing through miles of open country

From yellow English skies to ciel blues and watercolour panoramas

And lots of tall pointy objects...

Oh Monsieur... and just when I thought I'd seen them all.
"Erm, my face is up here actually"
Not really sure where we are anymore.

Pretty as a postcard

Ok maybe not these postcards

All that walking has worked up an appetite. But I've never been one for choosing. We'll take the lot.

So we aren't the only ones who over-ate. It's a dog's life really.

The Place Vendome.

And a sooty basilica 
Bought one of these. Because you can bottle memories.
Statutory Pre-emption rights for the journey home
Hasta la vista baby. I'll be back


  1. You look so cute

  2. What a wonderful post! I found both your and Not So Basic Fashion's blogs through The Londoner's blogroll page and I must say I love alll of your blogs! Such a cool glimpse of Paris--feel like it was really nontraditional in the best way. Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog :) x

    1. Bonjour! Rosie has done everyone a favour because in turn we get to find super cool blogs like yours :) Not only is Paris beautiful, it's also incredibly mysterious in the sense that every time I go I am never really sure of what I'm gonna get. *sigh*! xxx