Saturday, 12 May 2012

Live by the Sun. Love by the Moon; Instagram Medley

So everyone in the blogosphere has jumped on the 'my week in instagram' bandwagon and since I'm always along for the ride, here are some recent outtakes.

Marina's gorgeous new arrival- Troy! He's all chocolate fluff and melt-your-heart caresses

You don't get more romantic than napkin roses
Ping pong tournament- came a respectable last. I blame the equipment
Mind blowing excerpt from the Magus by John Fowles
St Paul's in the rain
Forgive me wallet for I have sinned
Shiver me Timbers
Borough Market at dusk

Rehearsed steps on an empty stage
That boy's got my heart in a silver cage

I own this. 

Hipster love

Duchess of Malfi

Exams are upon us; where my life is unavoidably heading

More Kimchee overindulgence

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