Sunday, 20 May 2012

Once Bitten Forever Smitten? Cocomaya

On a hazy Sunday morning as the city slumbers away its Saturday night frivolities I hoist myself out of bed for a revision power breakfast. Hot chocolate and chocolate.

The best hot chocolate in London is served at Paul and is pure ecstasy, closely followed by Apostrophe. But I thought I'd check out Cocomaya, which styles itself as a fine chocolatier and artisan baker and has newly opened on the Brompton Rd.

Wave to the milkman, get on my bike, pedal whilst questionably attired in velour (I just can't shake that Juicy habit. Comfort over fashion ladies) and two minutes later I'm there.

Lao Shan green chai? Not for me thank you very much. I'll have a hot chocolate? Yes, large. I can drink the stuff by the trough-load. It arrives. A regrettable case of "It's not me, it's you". Not nearly thick enough, not dark intense and glossy but a horrible stale brown colour with unappealing little airbubbles.

As much as I dislike giving places poor reviews Cocomaya is a case of style over substance and a few pretty cakes don't change that. Luring me in with the promise of pleasure you can't measure only to botch the delivery and sadly once you've blown it there's no going back.  

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  1. Oh my, The cakes look gorgeous! I have to visit!