Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rock that Croc... Tyler Alexandra Handbags

The other day Gabi (of the superb Not So Basic blog) and I attended the amazing launch event for Tyler Alexandra in the UK at the Arts Club. Tyler is fashion royalty and the daughter of famous late American sportswear designer Perry Ellis. One look at the collection and her fashion DNA is evident in every curve, stitch and detail.

The bags, beautifully crafted in Italy and France from jewel hued exotic skins are splendid in their understated luxury. The hardware is adorned with a pinecone, Tyler's logo and an ancient Egyptian symbol for eternity. Tyler is the rare breed of designer who appreciates the importance of practicality as well as beauty. All her purses are made with regard to functionality; plenty of pockets and hidden compartments for the little things you'd rather not have spilling out of your bag halfway through a date. And then you have the exquisite quality that will have your granddaughters fighting over who gets to rock that croc.

Tyler and I
Food and fashion.. heaven.


  1. fantastic! )

  2. Just amazing!!!!! These designs are really good and I'm so much in love withe these handbags. I don't know why but I'm having imagination of different cartoon characters in these bags and I'm so much liking it. I'm always looking for new design bags, I'm so glad that I've found your post. Thanks for sharing.