Friday, 11 May 2012

Well aren't you just a regular Loaferio

I know. Bad bad pun. But by now you've probably guessed that I'm defenseless when it comes to wordplay & the cheesier the better.

But check out my new loafers. You likey? I likey.

Embroidered velvet loafers are the biggest trend for footwear c'est saison. Zanotti, McQueen, Louboutin have all done them in one form or another. 

My mum (who is responsible for the most covetable items in my wardrobe) bought these back for me on her last trip to Stockholm. They are handmade by Kardinale (designed by Fernando Pensato Jr) in Italy and are mostly made to order. With a simple pair starting at around 350 Euros they don't come cheap, however unlike their better known designer counterparts they aren't too thick on the ground which I like. Maybe I'll finally make some progress on ditching those heels.


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