Monday, 28 May 2012

Whispers and Colonnades

The Rue Fauborg St Honore holds several imposing buildings with surly French guards stationed outside. Now, don't ask me how, but I managed to sneak my way past a few of these charming fellas and found myself here....

Le Cercle de l'Union interalliƩe; Paris' finest members club founded in 1917 as a social and dining club. I enquired whether I could have lunch. But was met with the look of disdain and informed that club was for members only. However, a quick flash of my Arts' club card and I was ushered through, albeit my inappropriate attire attracted more than a few quizzical looks from elderly gentleman in three-piece suits and groups of ladies in Chanel ensembles.

I set about exploring. Remarkably given the clubs location in one of Paris' busiest thoroughfares there are huge grounds around the back of the building. It happened to be a gloriously sunny afternoon so I wiggled myself out of my coat and into recliner, ordered a pot of green tea and waited on mon ami to finir avec picking up a tailored blazer from Lanvin. Regrettably the club had stop serving lunch so we set off in search of nourishment.

If you're in Paris this place is well worth a visit and has reciprocal arrangements with; The Royal Automobile Club; The Arts Club; Carlton Club; East India Club; National Liberal Club; Naval & Military Club; Oxford and Cambridge Club; The Reform Club; Savage Club; The Cavalry and The Guards Club.


  1. You're kidding me?! That's my Gran's club and where we had her 90th! Literally there on the terrace! and we took the dining room too! x

    1. Great place for a bday!! As I was taking the tour I was mauling over having my 25th there.. albeit its still a few years off xxx