Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long Live the Queen

The Jubilee weekend is upon us. My friend reported being stopped by a gaggle of tourists and asked if it was the Queen's birthday, er not exactly. If you don't live in England;  we are celebrating her Majesty reigning over us for 60 years, making it her Diamond Jubilee. But the celebration isn't hers alone but also the country's. There are British flags flying everywhere, candy coloured bunting, people bedecked in red blue and white and street parties across the land. It's going to be a magical bank holiday weekend, so grab your friends, get out of the house and enjoy!


  1. Haha love that photo of the corgis! Where was that taken?

    1. These little balls of fun are on display in selfridges in womenswear on the 2nd floor

  2. Despite the rain, the Jubilee is wonderful. I'm loving the red white and blue all around :)

  3. I visited London a couple times this glad I was able to experience a bit of the Jubilee!