Friday, 8 June 2012

When was the last time you had a good snog?

 A moment of pure delicious surrender. Intense but not cloying.  Violins start to play somewhere in the distance... a Catherine Wheel here or there. You know the score.

Now here's where it gets good; the snog I'm talking about doesn't need two to tango. Curious? You should be.

Allow me to introduce you to London's Best Worst Kept Secret; Snog Frozen Yogurt. 

Now I don't know about you, but I have an unconquerable sweet tooth and it gets particularly snappy between the hours of 21.00-03.00. So what do I do? I'll go for a snog, as they are open till 12am.

Now there are dozens of frozen yogurt places in London but since I'm all about health and stealth (creeping down Queens Gate in my Pyjamas in the wee hours) Snog wins every time. It's actually made from three ingredients; organic yogurt, agave syrup and as many scrummy toppings as you can think of. 89 calories per 100g (less than a banana), low GI thanks to the Agave and incredibly satisfying. So I suggest you step AWAY from the fridge, yes that's right, put down the Ben and Jerry's and pucker up.

Thurloe Place- South Ken
Brewer St- Soho
Garrick St- Covent Garden


  1. that looks delicious! I love frozen yogurt..wish I could've tried it when I visited London this week!

    1. hate to say it, but you missed out hun! make sure it's on the bucket list for next time :)

  2. I always put Brownies and Strawberry <3

    I really love this place and I feel like having one today :)



    1. Ah, i want one now.. but it's raining and it has been all evening so couldn't face leaving my little sanctuary xxx