Friday, 6 July 2012

Fields of Gold

Celine, my littlest cousin came over from Ireland for a visit this weekend. My uncle and auntie are both in their early 30s, so I did my best to encourage them to paint the town crimson and entrust Cel into my capable care. 

God it was so much fun acting like a big kid. Playing 'You're It!' in the park with the dog. Pretending to be spies *conspiratorial whispers and disguises*. Listening to sage life advice from the lips of a 9 year old. Sweeties for breakfast, lunch and supper. Makeovers and secret swapping. 
And of course lots of photos. These are some I took in the park, after an impossibly action-packed day. You can tell she's gonna be a heartbreaker, just like her...

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