Monday, 30 July 2012


Our friend Frankie has spent the past year living in Hong Kong. As we've all missed her terribly, Evie had the splendid idea of organising a surprise party to welcome her back. After relatively little deliberation we settled on Sketch for afternoon tea.

For those who haven't been, Sketch is a kooky offbeat venue comprised of a restaurant, bar, members lounge and some eggcellent toilets (google 'sketch toilets' if you think I've lost the plot).   Although Sketch has been around for a while and is positively prehistoric in restaurant years having opened in 2002, there's still plenty to recommend it. The ambiance is lovely, especially  on a quieter day and it's a great place to catch up over an impressive array of tea and a divine cocktail list.

We had a mighty fine time. Scoffed our weight in pastries and burned off the kilocalories laughing. The best part was hearing of the elaborate plot concocted by Evie and Coco, Frankie's sister, to get her there; Ian Fleming eat your heart out.

Ambiance- 9/10
Food- 6/10
Drinks- 8/10
Cost- 5/10 (expensive menu, afternoon tea is £32 per head, about the same as the Dorchester)

9 Conduit Street London, Greater London W1S 2XG
020 7659 4500

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