Monday, 2 July 2012

These Shoes Weren't Made for Walking

My mum went shopping today and bought me back the most impractical and towering pair of Louboutins humanly conceivable. The 'super dombasle' in patent magenta are super kooky & I love me some kook. Were it not for my pocket sized 5'4 proportions I'd run the risk of being mistaken for a stilt walker- but these take me up to a respectable 5'10 (they are 6 inches!)


  1. They'd take you to 5ft 10 (12 inches in a foot) :) They're very pretty. I'm only 5ft so they would take me to an average height.

    1. Thank you! I've never been good with Imperial units *blush*

  2. omg i want! so amazing. unlike you, I'm already 5'9...but I wouldn't mind being over 6 feet in these bad boys! haha

  3. Those are FAB-U-LOUS.
    I would be well over 6 foot in them... it would totally be worth it.