Wednesday, 18 July 2012

When the Moon Hits your Eye like a Big Pizza Pie- It's Amooo-Raay

Obika Mozzarella Bar has just opened on Draycott Avenue in South Kensington.  And they do the most exquisite. stonebaked. wholemeal. mozzarella drenched. pizza.

I loved the 'Pomodoro Biologico'; a regular Margarita to you and me. All pizzas are prepared with Petra flour stoneground from soft local wheat from Molino Quaglia

The dough then rises slowly for 48 hours and is baked until it's light and fragrant. My pizza was utterly delicious, I ate it all and then a third of my friend's - oopsies. Only criticism would be that sadly the rest of the pizzas on the menu are a bit of an acquired taste, as they are 'blanca' meaning that there's no tomato base.

The prices are utterly reasonable, starting at around £10 for a margarita; cheaper than Dominoes, ten times more flavoursome and with none of the gunk. The service was also fantastic. When we didn't like our four cheese pizza blanca the lady serving us was really gracious and bought us an alternative, no questions asked. This is definitely my new scrummy local.

96 Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AD. 0207 581 5208 


  1. If I keep following your blog there is no point for me to keep going to the gym!!!
    This pizza looks so yummmyyyy :D

    You should check the Brasserie Zedel in Picadilly Circus if you like French Food, it's just AMAZING!!!!



    1. Blogs are singularly to blame for my every dietary transgression. Luckily you have a killer body!!

      Will defo check out Brasserie Zedel as I have a weakness for Filet mignon de bœuf mmmm


  2. Yeah I totally agree with your blog blaming above :-) hard times! hehe
    P.S. Fancying some pizza now real bad