Monday, 13 August 2012

Aquamarine Bean

I don't do all that many fashion posts on this blog, because whilst it's something I do enjoy, I find it a bit tedious harping on about the latest trends & styles. 

 Some women claim that dressing 'reflects their personality'. Frankly, I find this a vapid cliche as if you need the shirt on your back to do the talking, then there's probably not much personality to speak of anyway. 

But here it is. My nod to "what I wore today".. My mum bought me this aquamarine Prabal Gurung dress in NYC and it has languished forgotten until my friend Vanessa invited me to a party in Monaco. I teamed it with a blue patent Christian Louboutin clutch and my trusty Louboutin watersnake bananas.



  1. you look fabulous on that dress!!!!!!!! and i love the pix
    big kiss xxx

  2. gorgeous dress!! I love the colour a lot

  3. I love the 5th pic! :) Hope your having an amazing time!