Saturday, 11 August 2012

Karma- Karma- Karma Chameleon

Sh, don't tell anyone. But I have it on good authority (Marvel Comics) that my miraculous gift of camouflage puts me on a wrung with an avenger.

So I walked around the pool- the colour of sea, sky and palm trees, humming Boy George, eavesdropping on things which don't concern me (if only it were an Olympic sport). Splashed kids in the whirl pool and pretended it wasn't me. 

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Rolex oyster. Hermes bangle, Bottega Veneta bracelet. Mawi Skull bracelet. Chopard ring. McQueen ring


  1. nice bracelets;)) u have good taste;)

  2. How come you picked the jumbo in silver not gold?

    1. I have the same Chanel in cream with gold, so it didn't make sense to get another gold one xx