Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hi Simon. Hi Cheryl. Hi Louis.

The problem with women is that they are completely immune to feminine wiles. So I needed a strategy to ensure I got my kicks in Tokyo. And I knew exactly the tack to take. Ply them with plum wine and teriyaki *nom nom*. Pay them a deluge of compliments. Engender pity with a painful and deeply personal tale..and... beg...beg... and beg some more.

'Pleeasse can we go for karaokeeee?'
'What if I promised to...' 

And so I made a solemn pledge, in return for which I got to wail my little heart out at Karaoke Kan in Ishibuya. In a total 'When Harry Met Sally' moment ("I'll have what she's having") the girls  went Jackie Chan on my ass and wrestled the mic from me mid-Aguilera. 

However, as the curtain fell on the evening I was allowed to croak my way through Lana in a tuneless sayonara to our musical extravaganza.


  1. Karaoke looks amazing, but for the record I think you sound really sexy ;)

    C xx

    1. my 'performance' was many things- but sexy was not one of them! x

  2. awesome pictures, reminds me a bit of billingsgate fish market in east london