Saturday, 15 September 2012

High as a Kite

There are several ways to see the best of Hong Kong. I took the Peak tram up Victoria Peak where I was  greeted by swirling fog and torrential rain. So I slumped around the tourist shops until the skies cleared. Granted the view was still a little gloomy, but who doesn't love grey skies on an otherwise radiant stretch of Autumn. 

 The Peak has always been Hong Kong's most prestigious place to live. The ride up is incredibly steep. It makes me break out into a cold sweat to think that the Peak's original colonial residents were carried up in Sedan chairs by the unfortunate locals.


  1. Have a lovely time!! I really like the escalator shot!
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    1. thanks Olster! btw I love the new blog tres inspirational :) Hong Kong is AMAZING BTW- must visit! xxxx