Thursday, 13 September 2012

What a Tart!

Vanessa and I adore deserts. By 'adore' I mean we can't live without them- the way Antony can't live without Cleopatra, or Romeo without Juliet. O lychee tart, lychee tart! Wherefore art thou? (Now you can't blame me for asking why all that cream and fruit came together so divinely)

Sevva is one of Hong Kong's coolest bars, up in the penthouse of the Prince's Building, but of course it's not the tipple we were after. Two girls, three cakes & rock paper scissors for the crumbs.

We ordered: mango & white chocolate tart, crunchy tart and lychee tart. V loved all three. I didn't particularly like any, although I did enjoy eating them.

Sevva, 6-14A Chater Road, Hong Kong


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  1. Oh my gosh is that honeycomb?! I am suuuuch a lover of honeycomb! Great pictures