Sunday, 9 September 2012

You would not believe your eyes... My going away Surprise : Sushi Samba

“I’ve got a delicious surprise, it’s a very special cake. I want you kiddies to have the first piece”, then an explosion of pink and white frosting as Debbie Reynolds emerges with a magnificent ‘taaaa-daaa’ gesture, hands in air and hips wiggling.

The scene I refer to is from ‘Singing in the Rain’, which I first saw as a precocious five year old and immediately decided that, one day, I too would clap hands to mouth as someone in a sugarplum fairy ensemble jumps out of a cake to serenade me.

Dear reader, the day has finally come.

My best friend, Sasha lured me to SushiSamba this Friday, under the pretence of a final catch-up before my Oriental odyssey; one last laughterfest, an observance which marks our every meeting.

So, I take the elevator up Heron Tower to the 39th floor. Actually, the elevator hurtles vertically upwards like a champagne cork at a Katie Price wedding, complete with the blinding panorama of a sequined London nightscape.

I approach the bar and see someone nonchalantly sipping on a cocktail. “Weird” I think to myself… “Looks a bit like Paul”

Then I see Sasha’s beaming face and someone who looks like my brother.

 “WAIT A MINUTE” my brain screams… “That IS my brother…and Paul.. and Vit?…and Michael! And, OH-EM-GEE it’s Alexandra! Herman?! Gabi?!!!! Eveeeeeee!!!?”

A surprise party organised by Sasha and my brother, just for me. And if I squint like a pirate, Vit does sort of resemble Debbie Reynolds.

We had an amazing time. The view was almost as jawdropping as my surprise. The drinks nearly as sweet as my friends and the music, well, nearly as cheesy as my chat. So if you troublemakers are reading this (which you better be).. thank you. I love you guys!

p.s. Sushisamba is a MUST vist. The food is nothing special, but the atmosphere is electric.

110 Bishopsgate  City of London, London EC2M 4HX
020 3640 7330

'Oh Heeeeeeey': Sash and Paulie

Pulling some moves

Happy much? 

Alex and Alex

Eyes on the prize 
Legal Beagles

Group Hug! (Vit, Alex squared, me)
Le chat noir

How are we always symmetrical?
If you... EVER.. try to outpose me.. 


Annoying Michael with my best gummy smile.
Making a mess

Could be anyone 



  2. You know what else was jawdropping? YOU!
    This hair color looks absolutely fantastic on you!
    Japanese culinary is one of my favorites,i will make sure to stop by during my stay in London.

    Maya xoxo

    1. Why thank you Ms Maya!<3

      The place is amazing- the food not so much, for great Japanese head to Zuma, it may be pricey but the food is divine! Also make sure you check out Chinatown and Soho for the best restaurants xxxx

      p.s. let me know if u need any advice xxx

    2. Thank you very much for a kind reply,i certainly will :)

  3. Not only does this look like SO much fun, I am so excited to read all about your journey!


    1. Just arrived! It's 7am... But can't sleep as desperate to get all snap happy! Xxx