Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review: The Conrad Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong

My room is on the 54th floor with a panoramic floor to ceiling vista opening onto a view of Central Hong Kong. As I type, I am watching the distant skyscrapers light up in the dying embers of the waning sun. The turndown service has furnished me with golden lotus moon-cake and a pot of fresh coffee, which I drink indiscriminately regardless of time. And once daylight has faded, I observe the brittle burning dazzle of a million technicolor bulbs and the glittering harbour in the distance.

On arrival to Hong Kong I needed a place to stay whilst I got settled and in the New York of the East, I was positively spoilt for choice. After some deliberation and a bit of advice I plumped for The Conrad Hilton in Admiralty, perfectly located a stone's throw from both Central and Wanchai, and adjoining the Pacific Place shopping centre.  

The Hotel is utterly gorgeous and part of a trio of luxury hotels which are all nestled side by side. Although the property is spread across 61 floors, I never get a sense of the vastness as everything feels comfortably homely and seamless. The interiors are sleek but with a generous sprinkling of cosiness, warm colour palette and a tasteful Asian influence; thankfully not a gold plated Buddha in sight.

The facilities are what you would expect; faultless. High tech gym- check. Outdoor pool-check. Multiple scrummy restuarants- triple check. Executive lounge- check.

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I've already mentioned the beautiful rooms, but check out the view to get a measure of just how pretty we're talking. Also it's worth mentioning that the rooms are pretty darn big and in a city as spatially challenged as Honkers, size is definitely not something to sneer at. Oh and my inner child was especially appreciative of the how bouncy the bed was and the teddy bear at turn-down (however, the pink elephant is mine).

According to more recent Hong Kong tradition, the locals get together on a weekend and will have a big family brunch at one of the Hotels. These hotel buffets are legendary orgies of gluttonous abandon and guaranteed to be the best food you'll ever eat. Now, not one to pass up a gluttonous orgy, I was there, with bells on. What if I told you it's all you can eat; freshly caught lobster, black cod, dim sum, salmon maki, crab, roast are probably covering your ears and shaking in the corner by now. Or booking the first flight out....

Yes folks, no joke. My friend and I had the Sunday brunch at The Conrad. Spectacular would be a gross understatement. These people meant business and leaving us in a food induced coma was the order of the day. We feasted like Kings and then happily collapsed on the sun loungers with our iced teas, kindles and sugar-high-smiles. Hotel Heaven, if there ever was one.

One of us murmured some cliche akin to "this is the life" or "I wish every day was like this"... but as we looked each other, we knew that at that moment it was the truest thing in the world. 


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  1. Looks unbelievable! The photos are amazing!


  2. Hanushka as always you write so beautifully and this was a great read. Would love to stay here. Please will you post more photos of you and your adventures.


  3. Discovered your blog via Rosie the Londoner. Very lovely indeed !! ;)

    1. Thank you! And btw I've been following your blog for a while now, and think it's epic xxx

  4. All the other great things aside, can I just say that you are a fantastic writer!

  5. All the other great things aside, can I just say that you are a fantastic writer!

    1. How kind of you to say! thank you :)