Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Broome Street Dance

I’m in place that everyone thinks he knows. From Calcutta to Canberra, we have all walked its broadwalks, looked out across the murky Hudson and hurtled in a yellow taxi through the loud electric din of a New York night.

Culture is America’s greatest export. So even if the above merely unfolded in your mind’s eye: one, it’s probably pretty accurate; and two, nothing is as perfect as what you can imagine.

Yesterday saw our first full day in the Big Apple. Alex was excited and was caught unawares by me and my lurking camera. Everyone was perplexed by his celebratory dance, but we let it slide.

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Soho is of a completely different character to that of the 'Old New York' of Empire, 5th Avenue and the Upper East Side. Instead of being dwarfed by high-rises you are surrounded by cast-iron architecture, a mesh of fire escapes and New York hipsters

I'm still trying to puzzle out why a 90s  Katie Price is the flash-dancing face of New York. 

When in Soho, you must check out Dean and Deluca, an upscale grocery store, purveyors to the great and the good. Patrick Bateman gets his Italian seasoning here and Hannibal Lecter feasts on foie gras from a Dean and Deluca lunch pack. I was delighted at their selection of sugar free sweets, stocking up on gummy bears and sour peaches.

We are staying on the 34th floor of the Trump Soho giving us lego views over the Hudson and the whole of Manhattan. 

Broome Street Bar is a cheap dive of a restaurant in Soho and has been nestled on 363 W Broadway for the past 40 years. It's where the locals come for a quick and dirty pitta burger with bacon and a chmay blue.

I rolled up my sleeves, adopted the pineapple head and took a huge bite. The burger weren't bad, a solid 4/10 on the scale of the burger universe, but the atmosphere more than made up for it. And there was a juke-box so  I got to play my-current-all-time-favourite-song-ever Blondie- Maria.


  1. You are such an amazing writer and you come across as so well educated. Definitely one of my favourite blogs. I hope you enjoy NY, I was there in summer but ventured up to Boston after a few days which is my favourite city in the states. If you get a chance it is worth the short trip up!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely feedback. I love America, it's the most interesting place- I've yet to visit Boston but will try to next time I'm in town.
      Happy New Year btw! xxxx