Saturday, 23 February 2013

Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana : Sister Jane

When it comes to fashion I'm ambivalent. On one hand going shopping with me is a bit like 'Supermarket Sweep'. I want everything. Even the Haggis languishing forlornly in the reduced aisle weeks after Burn's Night. On the other hand, fashion 'types' annoy me as does try-hard over-thought dressing. 

My own style is a tad bipolar oscillating wildly between simple minimalism, gothic nonchalance or mad 'Miss USA pageant' OTT glamour.

But I thought I'd share a cool new brand I've discovered; Sister Jane. Quirky, bit weird, bit vintage, slightly gothic, edgy but wearable. Stocked in Topshop/ Urbies/ Asos or at their store in Portobello. The collections all have the most wonderful names: Death in Glendale, Our Golden Days, Misty Walls, Silver Spells, Red Tea....etc

This shirt (£52 Topshop) appealed to my inner theatricalism, drama queen that I am. Black silk with shiny magenta dung beetles, or at least I like to think that's what they are. It made me think of Beetlejuice. More specifically my favorite scene: The Banana Boat Song (see below)!!

59A Portobello Road
W11 3DB London(UK)

 photo 2C4BE0B4-F95E-4671-94D4-DF143A8F640C-6150-000003AE4C0457B6.jpg


  1. that is my favourite scene in the entire film! That was the chocolate bar, Trio, song as well, right?

  2. One of my fave movie scenes ever, unforgettable!
    Love the shirt :)

  3. Favourite film ever - shame Sister Jane is overprices and considers a large to be a size 12 though