Sunday, 12 May 2013

W. X. Y. Z..UMA

Zuma is hands down my favourite restaurant. I know the menu as well as I know the first stanza of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

♫ Yaki-imo teriyaki… and some yellow tail ta-ta-ki.. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky…♫ (granted, the last part may need a little work)

So that’s where Vanessa and I went to pig out. Now it’s truly hard to ‘pig out’ on Japanese food. No slippery spaghetti going rogue on your blouse or burger juice gushing down your new blazer. The worst that can happen is a chocolate volcano deciding to man up and act like one. However, where there’s a will there’s a way.

 photo null_zps7a233653.jpg

We ordered all our favourite dishes- which by now constitute the entire menu. However, sushi is the one thing you do not order in Zuma, where it is as good as everywhere else, but no better. What you do order is:

Aubergine and seaweed
Spinach in sesame sauce
* Wagyu gunkun with truffle *
Salmon with sesame
Yellowtail with garlic
Chilean Seabass/ Salmon teryaki
The new fatty tuna dish which is delish
Fried tofu

When you go, it's best to get a not so small selection of ‘small dishes’ to share/fight over. Mark my words, there will be blood.

Everyone knows that according to the code on friendship, best friends must take pictures. Lots of friendly-happy selfies, mirror pics, pictures pretending to have fun, jump for joy, laugh and cuddle; with captions like "Aww"/ "So much fun". So here's our attempt. So happy. So friendly. Happy as a rainbow, friendly as a care-bear. Aww.

 photo null_zps2a7a2e1d.jpg

Now that we'd had lunch, we thought we'd profess our love for each other in the only way we knew how- dessert. 

We skipped dessert in Zuma since it really aint that good.

The best dessert on the London scene is served in Sumosan. It is a chocolate fondant, but not just any chocolate fondant. It has a warm heart of melted white chocolate and sits atop a throne of pineapple, in a cage of spun golden sugar. Most definitely a cell I'd like to spend some time in. 

On the walk back from the restaurant  it began to rain. I'm not sure how this umbrella came to my possession, but three cheers for useful souvenirs.